Friday, July 17, 2009


If you go east in Florida, past the sugary beaches, out past the Bimini Islands, you will sail into magical blue water. The Bahama Bank is turquoise, dotted with little jewels, white sand below the surface, red starfish dance, lobsters parade

This is where I watched the Whale Riders, metallic tales glinting in the sun

The Fish grow very large in this watery paradise. The mermaid riders can be seen leaping and racing, below the surface gigantic Sting Rays perform a ballet, flying like birds

As a Sailor and Floridian, I chose Water Elements for the ADO Challenge, and recreated the Whale Riders, for everyone to enjoy!

Dolls are all soft sculpture, with paper clay overlays, painted in layers of acrylic paint

frothy tulle, sprinkled with Bahama Shells and lots of sparkles

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