Monday, July 20, 2009


I live in the country surrounded by four little villages, each one has special shops and wonderful places to eat.
My mother is half English, so everyday she has tea, I grew up loving afternoon tea!

My favorite tea house is in the Village of Mt. Dora.

I enjoy going often and strolling the Victorian streets of this quaint village.

Today I passed by this blue bike, that has grown into the garden, I spied a scurrying of lace and pointed ears.

I enter the Garden Gates foyer and see my favorite spot to sit.

Placing a order of ice tea, and pastries, I sit back and enjoy the girlishness of the atmosphere. White Lace, tea stained Lace, white dishes and lots of flowers fill my view.

I looked back at the table and a small white Pixie popped a sugar cube in my tea! Thank you, she curtsied and winked, and off she went.

I looked towards the kitchen and saw four Pixies dressed in lace.

The waitress delivered my pastries, and told me about the Garden Gate Pixies, they were the official goodies testers, and they earned their keep by polishing silver.

I just love their little pink shoes, which keep them very quiet, as they run around the house.

So, if you get to go to the Garden Gate Tea House in Mt. Dora, look for the Rag a Muffin Pixes,

they will probably try to sneak sugar cubes in your tea, they want everyone to be sweet!