Monday, August 10, 2009


The old Pink House down the street is dark, and scary, and looks alone

Not even a ripple in the pond, just a reflection of a lonely palm tree

The back porch is so dark even in the afternoon, it is creepy

This house was not always so empty, Elizabeth lived there with her Grandmother
from her bedroom window she could see the pond in the front yard

It was green and sparkling

At sunset the Lanterns at the side of the house would cast a brilliant glow over the yard

the little Green Mermaids, would awake from napping under the purple vines
and hop into the pond, and start a water ballet for Elizabeth

As night approached, Elizabeth would wander down the winding stair
case to the kitchen
Where Grandmother would be kneading dough for the morning bread

Elizabeth would climb into the great wooden chair and Grandmother would tell her wonderful
stories of Florida Pirates

and Elizabeth would fall asleep, dreaming she was a swashbuckling Pirate of the South Seas

and wishing she would never grow up and leave the wonderful Pink House