Monday, August 17, 2009


Several nights ago, Central Florida hosted a meteor shower on the grandest scale
Appearing late at night, I knew I would have to see it!
As a perpetual night wanderer, being awake in the wee hours would not be a problem, I often think I must have been a ghostly spirit in another life.
I wandered out into the yard, the farm in back was pitch black, I looked up and saw stars streaming across the night sky.
Tonight I could make as many wishes as I could come up with,
it was a magical experience!
Later that afternoon I visited the Wishing Well, to see if it was full of sparkly wishes
I was greeted by the Wishing Well Fairies

These wispy little ladies, keep count of the wishes in the well
I walked around the back side of the well, and spotted a Wish Catcher, she had a busy night catching wishes in her large hands
and there was another pretty fairy, putting wishes in the well, gauntlets covered her hands
reminded me of a baseball player
They all were finishing up a busy night, and fluttered over to enormous Tree with a very large hole, it was the door to their home

Come in and have a spot of tea

The best I could do was sit close to the door, for this human is much to large to enter the Fairy Tree House

I hope you made a wish
I made lots!!

These two Wish Catchers & two Wishing Well Faeries
are now in my Etsy shop
click on the photos to enlarge, LOL I finally figured out how to do that