Wednesday, September 16, 2009


The Eustis State Theater is very old, and it has many dark corners and corridors
I'm sure it is inhabited by many dramatic spirits, I look into a dark corner and see bright little eyes staring back

Helping out with costumes, I often find myself hunting around dressing rooms for this or that

These dark spirits, have the brightest eyes, I invited these black creatures to the
Harvest Halloween Ball

Coaxing them out into the dressing room
beautifully bandaged up like little Mummies

I helped dress these two up in lace and chains, although they would not attend any Ball without their pet Spiders

As long as the creepy little critters stayed on the Mummies
"Like jewelry"

These two looked divine

I caught them posing on the set of the Elephant Man

So, when you look into dark corners, don't be scared of the eyes, they are just waiting for their curtain call
The Elephant Man is now playing at the Eustis State Theater, Florida