Friday, September 11, 2009


Down at the end of my street is a large swampy marsh,
where all the creepy creatures live, snakes, toads, and alligators
During dry season they will wander up the road
Because of the large snake population in my back yard, I prefer not to do much gardening

I keep my yard sort of rural, and have a few pretty fairy statues

Recently, this little Gargoyle has decided to add moss to my fairy bird bath and make a nest

She has made herself at home, and has been eating all the butterflies she can catch

I named her Gwendolyn, a great aristocratic name, for a Gargoyle, who should be on her way to the big city to find a proper roof perch

Not eating all the beautifly butterflies in my yard!

So, I think I came up with a plan, to get this little Gargoyle to move on

Miss V, at A Fanciful Twist is having a Halloween Party
So, I will also throw a Halloween Harvest Ball, and invite all the creatures from the State Theater

What a wonderful idea,
Gwendolyn will make some friends and move over to the grand roof of the Historic State Theater, and butterflies will flutter safely around my yard
I must be off to make some dramatic invitations!

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