Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I moved to Central Florida a few years ago to escape the hurricanes and yearning for a quiet place to live, away from the heat and excitement of Miami.
Settling outside the small city of Eustis, surrounded by lakes and farm country, this quaint little town looked like a scene from a episode of Mayberry

The Heart of this little town is the 1922 Historic State Theatre, beautifully renovated, I was pulled in to investigate.

I found the Bay Street Players, this amazing group of community artists, gave me a second home, and friendships, and inspiration to create costumes

I worked here as often as possible, actually I played here, sewing, designing, and helping out wherever I could.
Here in the darken theater I found peace and tranquility, and the tight excitement of making costumes in a deadline
Watching the sets grow from scraps of wood
stocking the dressing rooms

Up the staircase to the second floor
to the sewing room, prop room, and many rooms filled with costumes

For a girls who loves to play dress-up, this is fantasy land
each room holds treasures from plays, over the years

From the Costumers to the Cast, and especially the Artistic Director David Clevinger
I have always felt at home when I walk through the doors
Downtown Eustis Florida, my hometown
for more info on the Historic State Theater
The Elephant Man, Sept. 11th - Oct. 4, 2009