Tuesday, September 1, 2009


September slipped in this morning with the winds of change. It may be the middle of rainy season here in Florida, but the Fall is my favorite time of year, this is the time, when I become homesick for my old friend Chicago. I know that Fall and Winter in Florida is glorious, but, I miss the maple trees dressed in all the wonderful colors, orange and gold, and everywhere you look a yellow glow!
Feeling a little sad, I opened the door to get the morning news, and a big basket filled with colorful leaves waited for me! One of my friends from the North had sent me FALL
I brought the basket into my Studio, and out popped two Wind Sylphs

I haven't seen any Sylphs in a very long time. Northern Creatures, a Sylph is an imaginary being inhabiting the air

I would see Wind Sylphs up North in the Fall, ride gently down to the ground on leaves

Also, in the Winter when it snows, but since the trees are green all the time in Florida, I have never seen any of these slender graceful creatures.

I suppose these two hid in the leaves for a trip and new adventure in Florida
Since they cannot live with me, I took them to a island off the Lake

I found them a wonderful tree home, they bounded from the basket and excitedly started exploring!
I'll be back soon to visit

My Fall Collection of Dolls will be in my Etsy Shop later this month