Thursday, October 8, 2009


Florida in October has been blazing hot
a fire inferno from hell
To hot to spend anytime outside
So hot I almost forgot about my Gargoyle problem
in the backyard

Off I went to the State Theater to find more guests for the
Halloween Harvest Ball
I peeked around a corner, down a creepy backstage alley
and saw a sweeping black cape

disappear into a door entrance

I followed the black floating creature up the grand staircase

into a prop room full of candleabras and light fixtures

I finally caught up with the Vampires of the Theater
Beautiful white Kitty and a Vampire Girl

Careful not to get to close, I invited these two to my Ball
They accepted and asked if I would like to have lunch
(or actually be lunch)

No thank you, I had prepared before I arrived, a huge garlic Italian sandwich
they crinkled their noses
I backed away slowly, with my smelly sandwich
off to the park for lunch
I'll see you at the
Halloween Harvest Ball
Oct. 17th