Monday, October 12, 2009


This is the week I turn another year older, I don't feel like a Senior, and most of the time I don't look like a old person.
But I felt some magical spells might help console me
I returned to the Old State Theater to seek out the resident Witch
"a very old, very hip girl"

Around the back, up the steep staircase

She greeted me in a puff of sparkles

Among the candles and pots

and potions of all kinds

The Witch invited me to take a seat, she said "my birthday should be full of fun, and feathers!"

She went into the other room to mix some potions,
and cast some spells for a wonderful birthday

I know that my birthday will be full of fun and magic, and of course feathers?
Grateful to the Theater Witch, I invited her to the Halloween Harvest Ball
Oct 17th
Miss Vanessa over at aFancifultwist if having a magical party, so bring your broom it will be,
no doubt, a long night of party hopping!