Saturday, October 17, 2009


While waiting for the guests to arrive, Gwendolyn, the little Gargoyle that has been living in my back yard, tried to fly
We practiced out in the back field

But she became disinterested in flying, because a strong smell of green mouse stew
floated through the field

The Witch Bats had arrived at the Ball

A group of Spice Devils whisked the Gargoyle off to the Ball

The Mummy Ladies, took her for a spin around the floor
Fluff bugs, spun around their feet

Wind Slyphs gently rode the wind on fall leaves

Skele Diva made a grand appearance

And the Theater Witch added a few magical potions to the stew

Theater Witch mingled with Devil Diva and Vampire Girl
Careful not to step on fluff bugs, which seemed to be everywhere

The enchanting Vampire Kitty danced with his favorite Girl

The Bat Diva announced her arrival in a brisk breeze of fluff bugs

And the Spice Devil Girls all came to the Ball

Dressed in their finest party outfits
and dancing boots

Everyone squeezed together for the party picture

Happy Halloween
have a dance and don't forget to have a sip of green mouse stew

must not forget to thank the wonderful Miss Vanessa over at A Fancilful Twist
for all the wonderful Halloween Parties this weekend

A quick snooze

And my party partner Gwendolyn, and I will be off to party hop until the sun comes up

the collection of Halloween Dolls are in my shop