Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Where, oh where, did that broom take off too?

The Halloween Harvest Ball is all set for Sat. Oct 17th
and this little Gargoyle is going to have a fabulous time and make lots of new friends
and finally, she will go live on the roof of the Old State Theater
"at least that is the plan"

The Kitchen Witches have been boiling green mouse stew for days
"Yum Yum"

and the Theater Divas have been practicing their dance steps

Grab your broom, and check out all the Halloween Party Blogs Sat.
Miss Vanessa over at A FANCIFUL TWIST
is hosting the biggest Halloween Party!
and I'm sure it will be full of spooky potions, and the best Haloweenie goodies
Trick or Treat
Now, if I could just find my broom, does anyone have a spare broom to share?