Sunday, February 28, 2010


The Queens of Faeries in Wonderland
two lovely Tea Rose Faeries
Spring is coming?
or did it just pass by?

These little faeries seemed so sad
I made them some golden crowns

The faeries curtsied and tried to smile
Spring will come, and we will have a Hat Party
won't that be fun!
the faeries whispered
we love the crowns, but we think Kaerie Faerie
is suffering from frozen fairy wings!
trying to keep warm and dancing with the Faeries in Wonderland

These two Tea Rose Queens are in my shop

Monday, February 22, 2010


News travels fast in fairy land
all faeries that past through my yard this Spring
receive hats and a invite to the Alice in Wonderland Hat Party

I had been working on my version of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

the bright late afternoon sun burst through the clouds
just as these two arrived
Twin Gardeners

they tied the little straw caps on

and fluttered about sprinkling sparkle seeds

a loud crack of thunder, made them jump
I invited them in to meet some of the other girls
and wait out the storm

Twins dressed in cotton pinafores with large seed pockets
and matching clam-diggers
as always click on any photo to enlarge
and these two are in my shop

Friday, February 19, 2010


Winter seems to be loosening it grip
my yard is bustling with birds of all kinds
squirrels digging up food
each day a little warmer
Today I ventured out into my small garden
brown and crispy
the Seed Faeries were hovering close to the ground
sprinkling magical seeds

So happy to see these little Spring Time Faeries
I invited them in to try on some hats
I'm continuing with my Alice in Wonderland
inspired bonnets

Door Mouse

Bunny Rabbit


They sat for a bit, telling me about the neighborhood gardens
then off they fluttered tiny red wings sparkling in the Sun

These three jointed cotton dolls with removable hats, are now in my

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Frosty, cool, crisp, and breezy
doesn't remind me of Florida Weather
but the sunshine is warm today
and the birds are chirping
as I sit bundled up on the terrace
making flowered hats!

Looking out onto the country sides, I see a large flock of red breasted Robins
a sure sign of Spring
I know that the Spring Time Faeries will not be far behind

With a cool breeze, I see them
rosy cheeks and pink noses

they gently flutter in to check out the hats!
Faeries are very curious
and love to play dress up

Every year I try to make something special for all the Faeries
that travel through my yard

five adorable sisters

they so enjoyed trying on hats!

Spring Time is finally here!

a wonderful Hat Party
inspired by Alice in Wonderland

these five Spring Time sisters are now in my shop
soft ball jointed dolls
with fabulous hats!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


The One world One Heart Magic Carpet Ride
Has truly been fabulous
325 lovely views
What a great way to end Valentines Day
I uncorked the Magic Genie Bottle
and here are my lucky winners

Katie's Nesting Spot

Stitchety Grub

Kate Coveny Hood

I will send you a email, you have 5 days to send me your

I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful sweet comments
and believing in Faeries

I would also like to thank my good friend Kathleen
the treasure hunter and shop owner of
check out her web-site shop for all the wonderful treasures, as seen in my blog
and that is where the Genie Bottle is!

Please come back and visit often
your fairy friend

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Experiencing a touch of cabin fever
I know it could be worse, I could be shoveling snow
but a little Spring Weather Please!
This is what happens in the studio
when I spend to much time inside
Projects start multiplying
Garconne Girls, waiting for paper clay

Paper Clay dolls for my Dollhouse

and some satin bloomer girls
waiting for frocks

Faeries in Wonderland
wanting to get outside
and flit around in their lovely hats

I'm wishing for Spring

Friday, February 12, 2010


today is cold and rainy
but look what I got from my blog friend Zan
Zan creates the sweetest little dolls

Thinking of Spring, this little award brightens up my weekend
grinning and smiling I now bestow this award to the following six blog friends
Their blogs inspire me and make be smile

as long as we have to stay inside, we might as well have some great blogs to read

Happy Valentines Day
don't forget to sign up for the OWOH give-away down below
announcing winners Feb 15th

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Doll House Updates

I have spent several weeks painting the roof
it took 4 coats of green acrylic to finally get the color
I was dreaming of
Living in Florida the tropical climate slows down the drying process
So it has been slow going

The surfaces are horrible, I don't believe I have ever painted anything this old
In my younger years I painted lots of old apartments and furniture
but nothing like this!
I finally found something to do with that bottle of Gesso,
I mixed it with acrylic color and painted the outside walls, good primer, sealer, and it has smoothed everything out

I'm sure the outside will be a 4 coater too!
Back in the 1930's people used whatever was laying around
I've noticed the shutters are scrape wood and several are pieced together
a crackle paint job may be the only solution

meanwhile up in the Attic the Ghosts are sweeping today
trying to keep tidy

time to take a little break from the dust and paint
and go outside and visit with the neighbors!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Valentine's Day is just around the corner
This Beautiful Victorian Faerie
is hosting a tea party for all her little Elf Friends

all dressed up in a Couture Satin flocked Gown

and dancing elf boots

Angel and her Cherub
sang sweetly
while she played her golden harp

she wore a lovely frothie beaded dress
Rosy red Spice Elves

and Sugar Sweet Elves

all came to celebrate
Valentine's Day

so much pink and white lace

and red sizzling mini's
"Love is in the air"

all these dolls are in my shop