Saturday, June 5, 2010


My Favorite Place
Life is funny
When I was younger, I would tell my friends, I would some day live in the country
near a farm, a reclusive artist
Far away from the big city!
and it all came true
I have a dream Studio, with lots of light that looks out on a farm
Which makes me a very happy reclusive artist

I spend 10 hours a day in my favorite place
making dolls, sewing, designing

today I moved my doll house into my space
if she is close by, I'll work on her renovation

come in
have a visit

working on a million projects at once

through the curtains is a huge screened room
that is great for watching birds

I have only been in this studio for five years

but the faerie population is growing

finally sat down and sewed a little

my new dolls are awaiting frilly dresses

just hanging out in
My Favorite Place