Thursday, June 10, 2010


My fascination with ball jointed dolls
seems to be taking over all my creative thoughts
But I'm not ready to abandon soft sculpture for all that resin and relentless sanding
Although I have tried to avoid Japanese Fashion through the years
finding these designs to be a little to cartoonie for my style

The Sweet Lolita street style
is perfect for dolls
Back in the 80's I did design a collection of Art Wear
I called "Babies"

They were cute, teddi bear coats and all the bows and lace

But as I think back, it is pretty funny to think of a 6 ft. Baby doll

But this Lolita Style
is fun for dolls

Belled skirts, lots of lace, big hair bows
and let's not forget the bloomers and knee soxs

Here is my interpretation of Sweet Lolitas

Only my girls have wings to match their outfits
these dolls are now in my shop