Monday, July 26, 2010


Art Doll Quarterly
to me, is the Holy Grail of Art Doll Magazines
The excitement I feel every time it arrives in the mail-box
curling up in my big leather chair and paging through
marveling at all the fantastic dolls
So, to see my original dolls in this magazine is "huge"
Halloween came early this year
the photography is spectacular
this Collection of Dolls was from the
Halloween Harvest Ball Blog Party 2009

so happy and excited
I'm slightly hyperventilating " LOL"

Theater Witch checking out the green mouse stew

Gwendolyn the little Gargoyle
and her Beautifully Bandaged Mummies

Group shot from the Harvest Ball

Thanks to all my blog friends for all the lovely comments and advice
I'm off to Dance!!!!