Friday, July 30, 2010


Now that we are deep into the Summer
the air is thick with heat
and in the coolness of the evening
under a large clear moon
Faeries often dance in circles in the grass
which are called faerie rings

This can spell danger for any human passerby

The wild enchantment of the faerie music can
lead you towards the ring

like a faerie kiss or faerie food and drink

Can lead to captivity forever in the world of
But this is also the time of year when the Faerie Atelier
is the busiest
Faeries of all kinds, pass through my country yard
in search of the Faerie Dressmaker
with a song or a fairy story
I will gladly design a lovely dress
or necklace
and so the season of the Midnight Faerie Rings

all these tiny faeries are original creations from
Twigs Faerie Land Studio