Saturday, August 7, 2010


Oh, no you didn't
Well I did!
I cut up one of my beloved faerie dresses
It all started with the Midnight Faerie Ring Collection of Dolls
I figured it would be a good way to use old ArtWear
The Butterfly Dress and her lovely Pink Sister Dresses
have been hidden away in a dark cedar closet for 30 years
and as I look at all the pretty flowers and vines, and remember the rustle of the soft silk skirts I can imagine
these dresses having a new life
on a beautiful girl

The Story
a long time ago, I worked in the warehouses of Chicago as a fitting model for
Zarahoff a fabulous talented young designer
I became one of her house-models

as a house-model, you are always seen in the Designer's clothing

So, for my first trip to Europe with the Designer
I made this Collection of Gowns and Dresses
as a way to keep my identity

I would show up at the Shows and the Galleries
dressed in one of my Designs

I would quickly have to exchange my dress for one of the Designers

These dresses would never be worn for more than a few minutes
But long enough to make a entrance
so the nick-name

I've decided to put this Collection in my Etsy Shop
and hopefully these beauties will be given a new life
and get to go to a great party!

All these Dresses are One of A Kind hand-painted Silks and Water-colored Chiffons
embellished with crystals and fairy beads