Saturday, September 10, 2011


I recently received my first Blythe Doll
all this Blythe craziness came on rather suddenly
But she is really cute
and I have never had a doll quite like her

it all started with these tiny girls
I got one, and then I kept getting more

I'm fascinated by this Blythe doll
on Flickr the pictures and groups are amazing
I can spend hours looking at all the adorable

Fashion Week in New York, and all the excitement of Hurricane Season
a shop full of dolls
taking a break
I decided to practice drawing and sewing a wardrobe
for my

No way is she going to wear Barbie cast-offs

with a roll of paper towels
cut little patterns to fit her body
then traced them onto paper to be cut out
The finished drawings above
yes, I've completely lost it
Dollie Love!!!!!