Wednesday, August 26, 2009


August, hot sultry days that melt into each other, at the end of every day, storms light up the sky and rumble the house, pineapple juice is what the islanders call the rain. It cools the air and comforts you in the evening.

In the morning I retrieve the paper and breathe in the heat, while having my tea, I got a call from my friend, hurry over the Fairy Babies are back in the yard!
I grabbed my favorite book and straw hat and went over to see

With all the rain, comes beautiful gardens, my friend has a lovely garden

the Faerie Babies have been playing and napping in her yard

she even set out a doll bed all in pink

the Baby Fairies bounced on the bed and rocked in the little chair

I crawled under the tree and started to read Peter Pan

At first the Babies were shy, then the Baby Bee moved closer,
Baby Flower laid back and watched butterflies, and Baby Tiger purred but kept her distance

Reading in the Summer heat always puts me to sleep

But Bee, Flower, and Tiger, tumbled into the yard and played around the mushrooms

These Faerie Babies are now in my Etsy Shop
Thanks to my friend Terry and her Husband, for use of the beautiful garden &
doll bed dressed in pink and lace
the doll bed can be found on Ebay type in TEIG43

Monday, August 17, 2009


Several nights ago, Central Florida hosted a meteor shower on the grandest scale
Appearing late at night, I knew I would have to see it!
As a perpetual night wanderer, being awake in the wee hours would not be a problem, I often think I must have been a ghostly spirit in another life.
I wandered out into the yard, the farm in back was pitch black, I looked up and saw stars streaming across the night sky.
Tonight I could make as many wishes as I could come up with,
it was a magical experience!
Later that afternoon I visited the Wishing Well, to see if it was full of sparkly wishes
I was greeted by the Wishing Well Fairies

These wispy little ladies, keep count of the wishes in the well
I walked around the back side of the well, and spotted a Wish Catcher, she had a busy night catching wishes in her large hands
and there was another pretty fairy, putting wishes in the well, gauntlets covered her hands
reminded me of a baseball player
They all were finishing up a busy night, and fluttered over to enormous Tree with a very large hole, it was the door to their home

Come in and have a spot of tea

The best I could do was sit close to the door, for this human is much to large to enter the Fairy Tree House

I hope you made a wish
I made lots!!

These two Wish Catchers & two Wishing Well Faeries
are now in my Etsy shop
click on the photos to enlarge, LOL I finally figured out how to do that

Monday, August 10, 2009


The old Pink House down the street is dark, and scary, and looks alone

Not even a ripple in the pond, just a reflection of a lonely palm tree

The back porch is so dark even in the afternoon, it is creepy

This house was not always so empty, Elizabeth lived there with her Grandmother
from her bedroom window she could see the pond in the front yard

It was green and sparkling

At sunset the Lanterns at the side of the house would cast a brilliant glow over the yard

the little Green Mermaids, would awake from napping under the purple vines
and hop into the pond, and start a water ballet for Elizabeth

As night approached, Elizabeth would wander down the winding stair
case to the kitchen
Where Grandmother would be kneading dough for the morning bread

Elizabeth would climb into the great wooden chair and Grandmother would tell her wonderful
stories of Florida Pirates

and Elizabeth would fall asleep, dreaming she was a swashbuckling Pirate of the South Seas

and wishing she would never grow up and leave the wonderful Pink House

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


17 inch Soft Sculpture dolls, made from pale green white cotton batik, body is seamed in dress form style.

The tales are fairy frost fabric, pale mint and pale lavender, sequins and crystal dust embellish the tales.

Her face is chalk and ink sealed, and yarn in several shades of blue was used for the wavy

She wears a necklace of acrylic leaves, and pale green natural pearls, and a lady bug pewter charm.
Her wings are wired and the pale green nylon is sparkled with silver cobwebs.

Sparkled edged ruffles on her top and belt, embellished with sequin trims.

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Saturday, August 1, 2009


My Grandmother told me stories of the Merfaeries of Norway
Small goldfish like fairies, golden skin and tiny golden crowns, wings like hummingbirds
They lived in the Great Nordic Forest, and would play and swim in the crystal streams

I never saw any up North, but when I moved to South Florida, I saw Merfaeries in the Mangroves in the Keys, Silver wings, long snake tails they would coil around Water Lilies

The Lakes in Central Florida also have many Merfaeries, some look like Dragonflies

But the beautiful Merfaeries I found recently, were pale green white, and lived in a small rock pond
The wings were cobwebs of sparkles

These two were enchanting
I listened, and I heard them humming a peaceful tune