Monday, September 28, 2009


I was greeted this morning by these two lovelies

Sitting on my dressing table

I seem to have a girlie pink princess thing going on, of late
sweet little Powder Puff Clowns
After the Halloween Collection of Dolls

pink seems to be the only color that oozes from my soul
I think I will have to look at these two darlings for awhile before
they go into my shop!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


This year I became infatuated with the Day of the Dead Celebration

The art work is amazing, primitive, and just fun!!

I decided to do my own interpretation of the Day of the Dead Skeleton Lady

and a Devilish Diva

Harvest Skele, ink on white velvet
I have stocked my shop with soft sculpture Halloween dolls
take a look and have a laugh

All these dolls will be at the Grand Harvest Halloween Ball
Oct. 17th

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Ado"art dolls only"
online club
Mini Monthly Challenge

Gave me a chance to get away from the Halloween Projects for awhile
and experiment with cloth

I made a ball jointed doll, with wooden beads in the joints

and these two out of a romantic song, in a screen print cotton

I love the beauty of the simplicity of these dolls at this point,
but faces, big hair, and sparkles
will inevitably happen to these three!

Monday, September 21, 2009


In the old State Theater, Witch Bats flutter about the rafters

Swooping around the chandeliers

At the very top of the Theater, where old dressing rooms hold wonderful costumes

Like a wonderful trapeze act, they fly through the air

Darting among the ropes and pulleys of the huge curtain, and back-drops

Landing softly on a upper landing
Stopping long enough, to be invited to the Grand Harvest Ball

Witch Bats, enchanting creatures

Halloween Harvest Ball Oct. 17th
This Collection of dolls are now in my Etsy Shop

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


The Eustis State Theater is very old, and it has many dark corners and corridors
I'm sure it is inhabited by many dramatic spirits, I look into a dark corner and see bright little eyes staring back

Helping out with costumes, I often find myself hunting around dressing rooms for this or that

These dark spirits, have the brightest eyes, I invited these black creatures to the
Harvest Halloween Ball

Coaxing them out into the dressing room
beautifully bandaged up like little Mummies

I helped dress these two up in lace and chains, although they would not attend any Ball without their pet Spiders

As long as the creepy little critters stayed on the Mummies
"Like jewelry"

These two looked divine

I caught them posing on the set of the Elephant Man

So, when you look into dark corners, don't be scared of the eyes, they are just waiting for their curtain call
The Elephant Man is now playing at the Eustis State Theater, Florida

Friday, September 11, 2009


Down at the end of my street is a large swampy marsh,
where all the creepy creatures live, snakes, toads, and alligators
During dry season they will wander up the road
Because of the large snake population in my back yard, I prefer not to do much gardening

I keep my yard sort of rural, and have a few pretty fairy statues

Recently, this little Gargoyle has decided to add moss to my fairy bird bath and make a nest

She has made herself at home, and has been eating all the butterflies she can catch

I named her Gwendolyn, a great aristocratic name, for a Gargoyle, who should be on her way to the big city to find a proper roof perch

Not eating all the beautifly butterflies in my yard!

So, I think I came up with a plan, to get this little Gargoyle to move on

Miss V, at A Fanciful Twist is having a Halloween Party
So, I will also throw a Halloween Harvest Ball, and invite all the creatures from the State Theater

What a wonderful idea,
Gwendolyn will make some friends and move over to the grand roof of the Historic State Theater, and butterflies will flutter safely around my yard
I must be off to make some dramatic invitations!

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I moved to Central Florida a few years ago to escape the hurricanes and yearning for a quiet place to live, away from the heat and excitement of Miami.
Settling outside the small city of Eustis, surrounded by lakes and farm country, this quaint little town looked like a scene from a episode of Mayberry

The Heart of this little town is the 1922 Historic State Theatre, beautifully renovated, I was pulled in to investigate.

I found the Bay Street Players, this amazing group of community artists, gave me a second home, and friendships, and inspiration to create costumes

I worked here as often as possible, actually I played here, sewing, designing, and helping out wherever I could.
Here in the darken theater I found peace and tranquility, and the tight excitement of making costumes in a deadline
Watching the sets grow from scraps of wood
stocking the dressing rooms

Up the staircase to the second floor
to the sewing room, prop room, and many rooms filled with costumes

For a girls who loves to play dress-up, this is fantasy land
each room holds treasures from plays, over the years

From the Costumers to the Cast, and especially the Artistic Director David Clevinger
I have always felt at home when I walk through the doors
Downtown Eustis Florida, my hometown
for more info on the Historic State Theater
The Elephant Man, Sept. 11th - Oct. 4, 2009