Friday, July 30, 2010


Now that we are deep into the Summer
the air is thick with heat
and in the coolness of the evening
under a large clear moon
Faeries often dance in circles in the grass
which are called faerie rings

This can spell danger for any human passerby

The wild enchantment of the faerie music can
lead you towards the ring

like a faerie kiss or faerie food and drink

Can lead to captivity forever in the world of
But this is also the time of year when the Faerie Atelier
is the busiest
Faeries of all kinds, pass through my country yard
in search of the Faerie Dressmaker
with a song or a fairy story
I will gladly design a lovely dress
or necklace
and so the season of the Midnight Faerie Rings

all these tiny faeries are original creations from
Twigs Faerie Land Studio

Monday, July 26, 2010


Art Doll Quarterly
to me, is the Holy Grail of Art Doll Magazines
The excitement I feel every time it arrives in the mail-box
curling up in my big leather chair and paging through
marveling at all the fantastic dolls
So, to see my original dolls in this magazine is "huge"
Halloween came early this year
the photography is spectacular
this Collection of Dolls was from the
Halloween Harvest Ball Blog Party 2009

so happy and excited
I'm slightly hyperventilating " LOL"

Theater Witch checking out the green mouse stew

Gwendolyn the little Gargoyle
and her Beautifully Bandaged Mummies

Group shot from the Harvest Ball

Thanks to all my blog friends for all the lovely comments and advice
I'm off to Dance!!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Reading the Sunday Paper and
relaxing in the country

WIP Midnite Summer Faes
soft ball & button jointed dolls

chalk and ink faces

getting back to my cartooning roots

this collection is making me laugh a lot!

after a rainy night, the Kitties are bug patrolling

and starting to make friends


Friday, July 23, 2010


Yesterday I finally found and adopted a kitty, from the Community No-kill Cat Shelter
a pint-size peaches and cream tiger
she is a young Mommy that had 2 little orange kittens
Kittens always get adopted first, But I just wanted her

So we came home together
and she sits on my lap and purrs

and she has been keeping me company in my studio
while I create new Midnight Summer Faeries

Sailor, my Ragdoll Siamese is not happy, she is hiding in the business office.
I hope she will come out and meet her new sister, they are the same age

hanging out and enjoying the long hot Summer!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Summertime in Central Florida
But with the heat
the yard is filled with large colorful Butterflies

I opened the screen door to let in the hot blast
and in came the

Lovely green ladies
with fluttering wings
We enjoyed a afternoon of fashion magazines

laughing at sweaters and coats

because we just want to dance in the Summertime

these two look so cool

in their little corsets and bloomers
and fuchsia poof tails

they fluttered their silver wings
all around me
it felt like a icy breeze

These two Green Flutterbugs are in my shop

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


In my quest to create the perfect soft ball jointed doll
my latest pattern

11 1/2 inch
Blue Faerie

made from fuzzy nylon viscose
which has a little give in the fabric
and is very soft

tiny plastic beads
in all the joints
she is able to make every pose

this pattern is similar to the faeries I made for
A Midnight Summer's Dream

only the proportions are getting better
next to create this same pattern out of cotton
back to work

Friday, July 9, 2010


I love fashion
But I adore Gowns!
yards of fabric rustling and flowing around the legs and tickling the ankles

I learned to sew as a child from my Mother
later I draped and cut patterns around my dolls

and my education into couture was nurtured
when I worked the lofts and the design studios as a fitting model

gorgeous fabrics draped and pinned
around my body
I learned a great deal from these local young designers
and the many seamstresses that molded fabrics like clay

I watched and soaked all of it up like a sponge
in the evenings I would practice everything I saw

I was looking at a group of gowns
trying to decide which ones to cut up
I remembered when each gown was worn
events, art galleries, parties, and when I was looking to shock!

This group of gowns went with me to Venice Italy for Carnival
So became the inspiration for my

Venetian Faeries

dressed in rich fabrics
brocade and satins

trimmed in gold and velvet

I see these Faeries
lounging on the Gondolas of Venice
peacefully drifting down a tiny canal

my favorite place and time
to wear Gowns

These Venetian Faeries are now in my shop